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wheyhey Ice Cream

31st January 2015

Wheyhey and Protein Brownie Layer Cakes

With the weekend upon us, there is nothing more we fancy than creating an indulgent little treat. These Protein Brownie’s sandwiched together with a Wheyhey makes for the perfect dessert, that won’t wreck the diet. They taste incredible and will satisfy any chocolate cravings. Ingredients: For the brownie 1/2 cupย flour (I used almond flour) 6 […]

26th January 2015

6 Exercises to Shock your metabolism with Dan Chapman

Plyometrics has got to be a favourite to include into your workouts.ย Its free form, explosive movements are great for conditioning your entire body. Itโ€™s great to up the intensity of your exercise and is easy to do anywhere with just your body weight. To work even harder, you can add resistance but donโ€™t worry about […]

24th January 2015

Peanut Butter Cookie & Wheyhey Sandwich

Today is one of our favourite days, it is National Peanut Butter Day! An ingredient, a Wheyhey lover knows too well, that goes perfectly with our ice cream. In order to celebrate this tasty day weโ€™ve got a great clean eatingย cookie ice cream sandwich recipe. So go nuts, quite literally, and make yourself a batchย ๐Ÿ™‚ […]

19th January 2015

How to shake up your workout routine with Dan Chapman

If you want to mix up your exercise routine, Danโ€™s your man! He is here to tell us what you can do to get the benefits you want to achieve. It can get a little mind boggling choosing which type of cardio to do and when to incorporate different methods into your training.ย If you have […]

17th January 2015

Wheyhey Berrylicious Protein Cheesecake

Here’s one recipe you can’t miss out on this weekend.ย It’s packed full of protein and good fats, looks pretty, tastes good…oh, and is good for you. Get your mixing bowls at the ready! This vibrant cheesecake is something you can prepare and keep in the freezer until needed -suitable any time of the year and […]