• We have a new OUTRAGEOUS easy recipe up on our blog 😍 (link in bio) go check it out 🍌🍌 #BANANASPLIT #liveoutrageouslywell
  • #Chocolateeclairday celebrate with this OUTRAGEOUS creation 🍫🥐 what more could you want? #anyexcuse #treatyourself #liveoutrageouslywell
  • Are you 20+ and live outrageously well? 👉YOU still have the chance to be the face of Wheyhey! If you are free next Tuesday and couldn't say no to a free tub please email: emma@wheyhey.com #liveoutrageouslywell #wheyhey #London #Fitness #highprotein #freeicecream
  • Put your hands up in the air if you will be eating ice cream this lunch time ✋️#proteinicecream #highprotein #liveoutrageouslywell #feelinghot #heatwave
  • Just another manic Monday! 💪 So here is a little smoothie inspiration to start the week @dayana_dezoysa #sosmooth Avocado🥑 banana 🍌 #wheyheyicecream and almond milk #protein #liveoutrageouslywell
  • The sun is shining, which means chocolate ice cream is needed 😍 don't forget to let your hair down this weekend and go wild..we definitely are! #friyay #proteinicecream #chocolatecraving #liveoutrageouslywell
wheyhey Ice Cream

2nd May 2017

Wheyhey smoothies

We have not one but TWO smoothie recipes for you all! The amazing @nikesandnutella has whipped up both a #strawberry and #chocolate smoothie, made using our very own @wheyheyofficial ice cream!! To keep you going through the week, we have shared the recipe which is just below… Enjoy!! WHEYHEY SMOOTHIES! INGREDIENTS Serves 1 Strawberry 150 ml […]

25th April 2017

Wheyhey! Ice cream sandwiches

It may be #monday but to keep you going, check out these OUTRAGEOUS @wheyheyofficial ice cream sandwiches made by @thelawfoodie!!! These are far too delicious not to share, so the recipe is just below for you all 🙂 Enjoy!!! WHEYHEY ICE CREAM SANDWICHES INGREDIENTS Serves 1 For the Peanut cookies 1 cup chickpeas 1/3roughly chopped […]

12th April 2017

Banoffee Chocolate Waffles!

It’s #easterbankholiday tomorrow!!! To celebrate, check out what @cceefit whipped up for us – talk about the definition of #foodporn or what?!?! These are far too delicious not to share, so the recipe is just below for you all 🙂 Enjoy! BANOFFEE CHOCOLATE WAFFLES INGREDIENTS Serves 1 50g Ripe Banana 10g Coconut Flour 20g Whey […]

10th April 2017

Wheyhey Banoffee Split!!

Struggling to find a clean dessert? Well, look no further… @charlottes_fitnessgram has whipped up this OUTRAGEOUS Wheyhey Banoffee Split! It is easy peasy to make and the recipe is just below! WHEYHEY BANOFFEE SPLIT!! INGREDIENTS Serves 1 1 Banana 1 tub of @wheyheyofficial Banoffee Ice Cream A handful of fresh berries A handful of granola A […]

8th April 2017

Peanut Butter & Jelly ice cream sandwiches!

It’s the weekend!!!! Check out these OUTRAGEOUS ice cream sandwiches made by the amazing @cakesweightsandproteinshakes ! They look as good as they taste and we just have to share the recipe with you guys! It’s just below so enjoy and hope you all have a fab weekend 🙂 Peanut Butter & Jelly ice cream sandwiches! INGREDIENTS 25g Vanilla Whey protein […]