Building the Brand

Wheyhey is the world's first and best selling protein ice cream. The company was founded by best pals Damien Kennedy and Greg Duggan back in 2012. Having met at Brunel Uni the guys quickly discovered a common interest in good nutrition, great food and even better bench pressing techniques. After respective stins as a GB basketball coach and fitness model, the duo dreamt up the idea of a great tasting ice cream that does you good. And there, the story begins...

Changing peoples perceptions of health!

Wheyhey! isn't just about providing a tasty and fun way to get more protein into your diet. It's about a whey of living a healthier, more fulfilled life. And if we can put a smile on your face during the process, we've done what we set out to do!

Before it all Started

Greg was born in January 1987 and Damien in July 1983, Greg loved crisps and weddings, Damien loved Basketball.

The guys met while studying Physiology at Brunel University. Greg grew up (sort of) and after University became a teacher and did some modelling around the world too. Damien also grew up and continued his International Basketball career in coaching

Starting Out

The guys come up with the idea of making a high protein, sugar free ice cream! One click on ebay and £140 later… This second hand beauty turns up!

After a couple of weeks of intense recipe manipulation and ingredient buying, they had their ice cream!

Building the Brand

Time to make a brand! After long long nights watching youtube tutorials and spending quite a bit on digital software, the guys came up with two names and brands!... Guess which one we went with? The guys couldn’t afford to have their own tubs made up so they bought some blank ones and printed off their own wraps! A bit a superglue and some TLC later...

We had our pot! (which in hindsight actually looked pretty awful). We then tested it on friends and family, these little rascals in the bottom right are the Duggan family.


It was time to find a manufacturer… So they did! Wheyhey was becoming a reality! The guys are always on site for the making of the product to make sure it is just right!

The Big Push

This was the make shift office, with papers and blackboards were on hand to plan the Wheyhey protein explosion! Now that the guys had approval from the taste buds of friends, family and co-workers, and a product of course… It was time for the big moment…Sell it!

Before going anywhere the guys had to fork out on a mobile freezer that they could take around to retailers! It was a beast. It might not show on their faces but the freezer actually weighed 50kg… The guys certainly had their work cut out for them!

Not Long After

Boom! The guys land their first retailer, Sheen Sports in Richmond!

Boom number 2! The guys land their first multiple “As Nature Intended” and after only one week on the shelf…

Our shelf space tripled!

Spreading the Word

After some serious reading and research into supporting retailers and the like, the guys decide to pack their bags and get to their first trade show called “Leisure Industry Week”. We made up our banners and our t-shirts and were on our merry whey!

We met some fantastic people over the 3 days and the product went down a storm.. People LOVED Wheyhey! And here was the proof… A big handful of retailers, gyms and shops that registered their interest to stock Wheyhey!

Our First Van

Next up was to get a van…and this is it! Wheyhey were the proud owners of an old freezer van. They got it wrapped by a friend to look like this, a thing of beauty you’ll agree! The van is now named “Blu-Tac” (as he is partly held together by the stuff!).

A Massive Order

All the work on getting the Wheyhey name out there had worked!...This is actually the moment that Damien received a call from “Holland and Barrett”!!! Euphoria was an understatement.

A massive order was put in, and the guys worked over time to get all the funds together that they could, to get Holland and Barrett's first order in…and then, something really horrible happened.


This was no doubt the darkest of all days…the freezer holding all of the stock (A LOT) broke down and became a protein enriched river.

Not to Worry

But onwards and upwards!! The guys had come this far so were not going to give up. Although their spirits were truly trampled, they wasted no time in getting another batch sorted and organised into smaller boxes.

Wheyhey finally launches into Holland and Barrett and becomes a best seller overnight… The addictive, euphoric feeling was back!...Wheyhey!

Big Expo Time

So to support the brand and the newest retailers, it was time for another show…but this time a BIG one! Wheyhey was an absolute SMASH hit at Bodypower 2013…the team of 8 literally couldn’t hand it out quick enough! (Check out the Wheyhey tattoos! can contact us if you would like one sent to you!).

New Investment

The guys meet David Gandy, the British supermodel and true gentleman…

Who ends up investing in Wheyhey! This was an amazing compliment to all the hard work Greg and Damien were putting in.

What an Order!

Ahem…need to clear the throat for this one. This is an airway bill to fulfil an order of Wheyhey ice cream to none other than Sir Richard Branson. The ultimate entrepreneur had requested that Wheyhey be sent to Necker Island! It took a lot of hard work, a plane, a boat and a car or two…but we got it there!

More Big Stores

But back to the office, there was no time to spare!... After all the work the guys had put in promoting the brand, our voice had been heard by TWO of the retailers that they had always wanted to be in! The first was the almighty online retailer OCADO…

And the second!...was the almighty trend setting “WHOLEFOODS!

Great Experiences

And then shortly of the greatest experiences Greg and Damien have had in their Wheyhey fuelled journey. Wheyhey was invited by Virgin Media to be at the 2013 V festival

Press Coverage

To document the recent successes the guys were inundated with interviews and press coverage in the Independent, the Times, The Guardian to name but a few! The image above was the picture used for their first National story in the Times!

Making a Difference

The guys have always wanted Wheyhey to play a healthy part in peoples lives. So what better way to establish that then get an NHS trial at the Royal Free Hospital! Wheyhey was given out for a month to recovery patients who require protein. This was a real achievement and one of our proudest to date!

The guys looking like fools for Movember, sporting their crumb catchers and celebrating the last day with a pot of Wheyhey each!