Why Protein? What's not to love?

Making sure you have enough protein in your diet is essential to getting the most out of your body - and life! Protein is the building block for all human cells, the second most abundant component of the human body after water, and can help with everything from losing weight to muscle repair and skin anti aging!

Protein is made up of amino acids of which there are 9 known as ‘essential’, and 11 other ‘non-essential’ and ‘conditional’ amino acids. The whey protein isolate we use is the best quality out there, and contains all 9 essential and 11 non essential amino acids that the human body needs, which if you ask us, is pretty incredible!

A lot of people ask us what whey protein is…it’s actually a by-product of the cheese making process and it’s 100% natural and easily and rapidly digested. Thanks cows!

Wheyhey is Sugar free and naturally sweetened!

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our ice cream tastes delicious whilst being free of sugar, additives and body damaging chemicals. Going sugar free is easier – and tastier - than you think!

Helping you perform better

Recover after a workout with Wheyhey! Whether you’re training for an Ironman, trying to build up muscle mass or simply wanting to get trim and in shape, you should be incorporating protein into your regime. Not getting enough protein into your diet can lengthen recovery time, cause muscle weakness and suppress your immune system. Uh oh! Whey protein is abundant in branched chain amino acids, isoleucine, leucine, and valine, that may be responsible for building muscle and lean bodymass, improving body composition, and enhancing your athletic performance.

Whey protein isolate is also the highest quality source of protein and is considered by many scientists as one of the Gold Standards of proteins for our bodies. Whey protein isolate is naturally gluten-free with minimal amounts of lactose, carbohydrates and fat. Whey protein isolate is extremely soluble and so is easily and efficiently absorbed by the human body so it can quickly get to work repairing your muscles!

Contributing to any weight loss program

Who said healthy has to be boring?! Upping your protein intake can make you feel fuller for longer and help you cut cravings, reducing calorie intake and bad snack decisions! Protein slows the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, which helps with maintaining a stable blood sugar level, essential to weight management!

Research suggests that Leucine, an essential amino acid abundant in whey protein isolate, is highly anabolic, meaning it may help in lean muscle tissue repair and breaking down unwanted fat. Our ice creams are a favourite with models and A list celebrities – if it’s good enough for them…

Well, in particular Teeth and Gum Health

False gnashers are not a good look! The natural sweetener we use in our ice creams – Xylitol - can actually help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from the fibrous parts of plant bark. It does not break down like sugar and helps keep a neutral pH level in the mouth, stopping nasty bacteria from sticking to your teeth and causing tooth decay. Hooray!