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wheyhey Ice Cream

7th March 2017

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream Chia Pudding!

Struggling to find some motivation this morning? Well look no further as we may have the solution for all of you!! Check out what @eatnourishlove has created – talk about #breakfastgoals or what?!?!

This may be a masterpiece but it is super easy to recreate and the recipe is just below! Enjoy 🙂

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream Chia Pudding:


1 tub Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream
1 sachet of Vanilla missfitsnutrition
1 Loveraw ‘Energise’ organic food booster
1/4 cup chopped soft dates
1tbsp Cinnamon
200ml Rude Health milk


1. Pop all ingredients into the blender

2.  You could drink it like this or pour into a pan with 1tbsp Raw Health organic chia seeds & cook for about 5 mins & leave in the fridge overnight!


@eatnourishlove has used Banana, @squirrelsisters Cacao brownie chunks, @good4unutrition coconut bites & @wholeplus hazelnut chocolate topper!

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