Benefits of a gym buddy!

Hands up if you hate going to the gym by yourself…

Too many of us are guilty, we hate the feeling of entering a gym full of people on our own, so today is the day to find a friend, family member or frequent random gym goer and pluck up the courage!

Wheyhey ambassador as well as frequent someone who has numerous trains with numerous big names, here’s Chessie King @chessieking giving you the low down on the benefits.

– You feel more confident going with a partner for support & it makes it more enjoyable than just sticking you headphones in and being on your own

– I push myself much more with someone, those last few reps when you feel like you’re about to explode and just a little help and assistance gets you through to the end, when I’m on my own I stop when I’m in pain but a friend takes you through that barrier

– You can look forward to going for food after and make it into more than just working out, you begin to share your whole journey with someone else.

– Taking videos is waaaaay easier! No one likes a propped up camera and people walking in front of it! It’s so much easier to track your process this way too.

-Teaching each other and sharing knowledge, whether its a new technique or a new role model you’ve seen on Instagram, it’s always good to learn from one another.

Once you’ve found ‘the one’ for the gym, grab a tub forget the 150ml go all our with a 500ml tub and share it for those gains #refuelyourmove


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