Broga…Boys Yoga? Yoga for Bros?

Broga…Boys Yoga? Yoga for Bros? I (Charlotte… nice to meet you) had absolutely no idea either! Whatever it was I presumed it might have some reminisce of yoga and I am always up for trying something new. Team Wheyhey! were lucky enough to have the founder of Broga, Matt Miller come to HQ to give us a private Broga class (lucky us) yesterday and boy did he put us through our paces!

The first impression of Matt Miller AKA Miller the Pillar, was that he looked nothing like the stereotypical yoga instructor we all imagine. Calm, soft spoken, slender physique No, No, No, Matt has his name for a reason, he is an ex American Football player built like the side of a brick…house. However, never judge a book by its cover; he might have the build of a silverback Gorilla but he’s as soft as a pussycat.

Matt started by explaining exactly what we were letting ourselves in for. This workout would entail the basics and structure of yoga but with a difference; strength, conditioning, flexibility and cardio would be the main aims of this class, so yes yoga with a twist.


We started with posture, form and breathing…how you would normally start and prepare for your yoga session. So why would I need a towel (we were instructed to bring one after all)? Trust me, you need a towel! Before I knew it we had a routine for reaching up, bending over, breathing in breathing out, leg in the air and then pressing my face to the floor and back 5 times. Through an awesome technique and subtle teaching build up routine, Matt essentially had us doing tricep presses with one leg in the air in high plank – brutal and it burned, but it felt amazing and then straight into the sit back child pose.

The class was made up of these amazing intense exercises, broken up with stretching, breathing, correction of posture and a laugh or 10. Matt works you hard, you sweat, you burn, you shake…but then comes the stretching, where we partnered up and could get more of a stretch then you could ever get on your own. By the end I felt unbelievable. You feel like you have had an intense workout and stretched it all out after, amazing feeling and one I am keen to experience again very soon.

Where is the next Broga class…sign me up!

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