Dan Chapman Busts Our Exercise Myths!

This Monday morning, Dan Chapman is here to give us the tips on getting fit and healthy. You may be surprised with what you find!

Myth: I should drink 8 glasses of water every day.
There is not one right answer to how much water you personally need. Everyone’s requirements are different depending on their lifestyle & activities and how much you have sweated.

The truth is your body may sometimes need more or less water than recommended, especially if you are exercising more often or taking in more water from other sources, as these all make up a portion of your intake.

Myth: The longer I workout the more fat I’ll burn.
Assuming, that burning fat is your goal, a longer session doesn’t always mean more fat burned. If you’re aiming to achieve leaner muscles and an overall more athletic condition, long workouts can defeat the object.

Let’s make our lives easier, workouts shorter and ditch those tedious sessions! Focus on time efficient, HIIT workouts to optimise burning fat – aiming for 30-45mins. Your metabolism increases and remains high for up to 24-48hours later, so you’ll be melting fat like jelly in a dessert!

Myth: Hundreds of crunches will give me a flat tummy.
If only it were that simple to make the layer of squige disappear!

Well here’s the deal, you can’t spot reduce on an area of your body, as much as we would like to unfortunately. Muscle definition is seen once the additional fat covering them is burnt off. You gotta sweat, increase your activity and work hard for them! It’s true when they say abs are made in the kitchen too – so eat in moderation, eliminate the bad foods & eat cleaner.

How to build a solid shapely mid section:
3 – 4 x interval training per week
Core conditioning movements & Abdominal training with resistance: my favourites include medicine balls, planks & jack knives

Myth: Training with heavy weights will make me big.
This one may be aimed more at the ladies but guys listen up too! Simply lifting light weights is not going to “tone” you just like lifting heavier weights is not going to “bulk” you.

Both women and men should lift moderate-to-heavy weights. Use weights to challenge you, in line with your capabilities, eat right and you will become more toned as you develop lovely lean muscles.

Start slowly with a session once or twice a week and please do seek expert advice on how to lift correctly! The more muscle (which doesn’t mean bulk!) equals more fat burned. So start lifting and become a fat burning furnace.


Let us know what you’re up too and if you’ve got any other myths you want to share with us @WheyheyOfficial and tag our fitness & lifestyle coach too @DanChapmanPT.

We’re all about getting healthier, enjoying our exercise workouts and eating the right whey


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