Dan Chapman explains why we need a Fitness Buddy

Dan Chapman is here to tell us exactly why having a workout partner can help you succeed with your fitness goals.

There is plenty to do with your gym buddy, whether you create your own plans, team up with a personal trainer or dip your toes in the wide range of gym classes on offer to you. We’ve racked up just a few of the perks of having a fitness buddy!


1. The time will fly!
Working out with a friend will help the time whizz by! Stop each other from watching the clock, put your phones away and give each other a challenge and the encouragement you need.


2. You’re both accountable
It can be easy to make excuses to skip your workout, whether it’s the wintery weather holding you back from your early morning run or after a day at work, your sofa is calling your name – whatever the reason, we can assure you, you’re not alone! To keep you going, have incentives and arrange workouts with your friends for the upcoming week. If the date is in your diary, you’ll get up and go together, so get planning those schedules!


3. Boost your confidence
The gym can be a daunting environment, so grab your friend and take it on together. Working out with your fitness partner can help remove the pressure you maybe feeling on your own. You can work through a session plan together, helping each other and supporting one another with the exercises. Don’t worry about anyone else, everyone is in that gym working towards their own personal goals, so keep focused and you’ll reach yours in no time.


4. Double up the exercise
Be creative with your workouts. You can bet that every exercise you do, there’s one you can do using each other too. It can be great fun training with your partner this way, and the possibilities are endless!

Give these a go: Piggy back squats / Relay Runs / Back to back pushups / Partner assisted pistol squats


5. Motivate and challenge each other
Perhaps the most obvious reason, last but not least, is the motivation you bring to one another. As you work together, why not include a (friendly!) competitive edge to your workouts too! You can try to beat both your own personal goals, and compete against one another too. It’ll push you to work harder and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement.


Sometimes, there is no better way than to give it a go together
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