Dan Chapman’s Furious Five TRX Movements

For the start of the new week, comes our fresh new workout blog you’ve got to give a shot!  This week our residential Lifestyle & Fitness coach shows us his favourite workout using a TRX.

This is a great workout suitable for everyone and you only need your body weight to get started! Here are Dan’s top 5 moves for targeting specific areas of the body whilst developing your core too.

Don’t be fooled, it’s a lot harder than you think

Try this full body workout:
* Chest Press – Roll Out
* T Reverse Fly
* Pistol Squat
* Suspended Lunge
* Power Sprinters

Target: Chest & Core

1. Start with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, grab a handle in each hand facing away from the anchor point.
2. Walk your feet back so that you’re in a push-up position making sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Brace your midsection throughout the whole movement and slowly lower yourself into a push-up until your chest becomes level with your hands.
3. Press yourself back up into the starting position and immediately raise both arms keeping them as straight as possible, reaching straight overhead.
4. Hold for a moment and using your core bring your arms and hands back to the push-up position and repeat.

Tip: Be mindful of your back, make sure you start slow, adjusting your position so that the tension is on your midsection and not your lower back. Start with small arm raises until you can stretch all the way up.


Target: Back & Core

1. Start with your feet in a split stance facing the anchor point with your right foot a few inches in front of your left. Your right foot should be flat on the floor and your left foot balanced just behind on your toes.
2. Grab the handles in each hand. Start with both hands together and your arms straight.
3. Pull against the TRX and fly your arms out into a wide crucifix ‘T’ position. Your weight should be on your right foot.
4. Slowly lower yourself keeping your core braced and tension in your whole torso. Return to the start position and repeat

Tip:  Adjust your start position so that you are slightly leaning back, creating constant tension throughout the entire movement.


Target: Legs & Glutes

1. Place your right foot on the ground and hold onto the TRX handles with both hands. Make sure your arms are slightly bent with your elbows by your sides and your left leg extended out in front of you.
2. Sit back into a squat with your right leg slowly lowering until you are almost sitting on your right heel – as you lower down, straighten your arms.
3. You will now be an “L” position. At the bottom of the motion, anchor your right heel and push through and up into the start position using the TRX for support.
4. Repeat the required repetitions and then switch legs to perform the pistol squat with left foot on the floor.

Tip: Make sure you keep this movement as slow and controlled as possible and do not bounce once in the lower squat position.


Target: Legs & Core

1. Place your right foot in the TRX strap and face away from the anchor point. Place your left foot on the ground in front of you, keeping in an upright position.
2. Bend your left leg, lowering into a lunge with your right foot suspended behind you. Make sure you keep your front leg in a 90 degree position.
3. Push up through your left heel until you return to your starting position.
4. Repeat the required repetitions, then switch the legs and perform the lunge with the right leg.

Tip: Start slow to work on your balance and stability with this exercise. You can hold onto a wall or an upright bar to stabilise yourself until you can perform the lunge without aid.


Targeting: Legs

1. Hold a handle in each hand and face away from the anchor point.
2. Bring your arms down by your side at right angles so that your elbows are just above your waist.
3. Bring your right foot forward as if you were about to lunge. Make sure your left foot is balanced behind you and lean slightly forward at the torso so the TRX is taut.
4. Explosively push through your right foot so that you drive through in one motion and drive your left leg upwards and forwards
5. Land back into the original position – you should do this move on the spot – and repeat for the required repetitions, then switch legs.

Tip: You can keep this movement low impact by not jumping the foot off the floor. Make sure the TRX is taut all the way through the movement.


There’s another no excuses not to give this workout a go! The TRX folds up into basically nothing, so you can take these anywhere, providing there is a stable base to tie it to.

Any tips or questions, you know where to find us @DanChapmanPT and @WheyheyOfficial  


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