Dan Chapman tells us which cardio is King!

To help inspire you to get fit for the New Year, Dan Chapman gets to the core of which cardio is best.

Both long duration LISS (low intensity steady state) and short duration HIIT (high intensity interval training) have their place in weight reduction and fat loss.

I’m here to give you the specifics and show you the differences, try it for yourself and see what you think!

LISS has always been the chosen exercise. Yes, it will burn calories, fat and increase your level of aerobic fitness. But it can get boring, it’s not time efficient and it can even rob the average person of your hard earned muscle (depending on body type and current diet).

What I would recommend, is HIIT Training – the King of Cardio. This anaerobic form of exercise is fast becoming the most popular form of training and it will fast develop your anaerobic fitness levels too!

Your cardio time can be kept to a minimum, 30 minutes is all you need and you’ll still achieve fat loss and weight reduction. Not only that, but it helps in maintaining and increasing lean muscle.

It is a seriously efficient exercise, you’ll ignite your metabolism and become a fat burning machine both during and up to 24-48 hours after your session. As anaerobic fitness increases, you’ll find those resistance sessions become easier too.

In my experience, I find a combo of the two work really well, alternating over the week, but it obviously depends on what the individual is trying to achieve.

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