Hanging Out In The Gym


You have probably all seen them in the gym and probably all wondered what the hell you can do with them……Yes that’s right the TRX strap system. This bit of kit has been around for a number of years and is now ever present in every gym. However, many of you are still probably confused with what you can do with them so in todays workout I have put in some of my favourite moves for you to try.



There are 2 circuits in total and each circuit should be repeated 4 times.

Warm up. 5 mins

A1) TRX Pistol  Squats (Pic A) x 10-15 on each leg

A2) Squat Jumps x 20

A3) TRX Press Ups (Pic B) x 10-15

A4) Plank x 45 seconds to 1 minute

Rest 45 seconds – Repeat x 4


B1) TRX Single Leg Lunge (Pic C) X 15 on each leg

B2) Jumping Lunges x 30

B3) TRX Power Row (Pic D) x 10-15 each side

B4) TRX Plank to Knee Tuck x 20

Rest 45 seconds – Repeat x 4


Cool down and stretch


Have fun and I hope you enjoy using the new bit of kit. If you have any questions on it tweet me (@enhance_LDN) and ill make sure I help you out.


Ashton (Enhance Nutrition LDN)


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