HIIT Fix Workout with Dan Chapman: Hard To The Core

Let’s jump straight into this week’s HIIT Cluster Method, with Dan Chapman.

This weeks HIIT Fix is a 10 minute upper body and core work out. Keep those muscles working hard and fast, hitting your mid section and torching the fat from your entire body.


  • Medicine ball 5kg to 10kg or more
  • Dumbbells 3kg to 10kg or more
  • Foam roller full length
  • Skipping rope
  • Gym mat
  • Interval timer

30 second: crawl out-push-up-thruster (combo)
30 second: super hero crunch
30 second: commando crawls
1 minute: skipping
30 second: crawl out-push-up-thruster (combo)
30 second: super hero crunch
30 second: commando crawls
1 minute: skipping

Repeat HIIT cluster one more time


1. Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart with medicine ball centred on the floor.
2. Reach down towards the floor and crawl out on your hands, into a push-up position, keep the core strong & back straight
3. Perform one push up then immediately walk your hands back reversing the crawl
4. Grab the medicine ball on the way up and in one fluid movement drive the ball straight up above your head
5. Place the medicine ball back down to the starting position and repeat combo

Simplify It
– Perform push-ups on knees
– Increase rest time and take more breathers
– Reach up using body weight / lighter ball


1. Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor
2. Extend your arms with dumbbells directly above your chest
3. Keeping your arms extended bring yourself up into an upright seated position so that your arms are now above your head
4. Keeping your abdominals engaged and flexed, slowly reverse the movement keeping constant tension on your mid section
5. Lower yourself down gradually until you return back to your starting position

Simplify It
– Use no weight / light weights but keep arms extended at all times


1. In a plank position, place your lower legs on a foam roller, so it is resting just below your knees
2. Keeping your core engaged, start to crawl forward on your forearms until the roller reaches your feet. (approx. 4-5 steps)
3. Reverse the crawl until the roller ends up below your knees again

Simplify it
– If you don’t feel confident to crawl then just stay in a static plank position with shins resting on the roller
– Start slow and just crawl out as far as you can go even if it’s only one step until you start to increase your core strength

Try the HIIT Fix Body Shocker too, it’s not easy! Tell us how you get on @DanChapmanPT and @WheyheyOfficial  


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