HIIT FIX Workout with Dan Chapman: HIIT Me

Get your 10 minute HIIT Fix workout done with Dan Chapman before Christmas!

This explosive resistance workout is really gana make you sweat, hitting your arms, legs, chest and shoulders! Have fun

– Dumbbells 5kg to 10kg or more
– Medicine ball
– Skipping rope
– Gym mat
– Interval timer

THE WORKOUT: 3 exercises 2 rounds
30 second: Push up row combo
30 second: Medicine ball tuck jump
30 second: Sumo deadlift upright row combo

-1 minute: skipping

30 second: Push up row combo
30 second: Medicine ball tuck jump
30 second: Sumo deadlift upright row combo

-1 minute: skipping
Repeat HIIT cluster one more time


1. Place a pair of dumbbells about shoulder width apart on the floor in front of you. Grasp the dumbbells, whilst in a push up starting position with your arms straight and your shoulders directly above your hands
2. Bend the elbows until your chest and upper body moves slowly down towards the weights then immediately press back up into the start position
3. Draw one arm back, with the dumbbell up toward the side of your torso, until it is at a right angle, then return down to start position
4. Repeat with opposite arm and then start over with the push up row sequence

Simplify It
– Use lighter / no weights and follow the same sequence
– Perform the push up on your knees


1. Stand in a strong position with feet just wider than shoulder width apart and hold a medicine ball close to your chest
2. Staying upright drop down into a low squat keeping the ball close to your chest. Sit back into your heels and keep your knees behind your toes
3. Explode up, as high as you can, into a tuck jump bringing your knees up towards your elbows. Land into a deep squat, to absorb the impact
4. Repeat this action so that you are like a spring bouncing up and down

Simplify It
– Use a lighter / no medicine ball
– Perform a lower impact squat whilst holding the medicine ball


1. Stand with feet in a super wide squat stance and hold the dumbbells in a relaxed position, resting at the top of your thighs
2. Perform a deadlift by bending your knees slightly and slowly allowing the weights to travel down the fronts of your thighs going just past your knees. Make sure you stick your bottom out behind you and shift your weight onto your heels
3. Reverse the movement until your body is upright again
4. Immediately pull the dumbbells upwards, leading with your elbows, so that they are higher than your ears and the dumbbells finish under your chin.

Simplify it
– The deadlift takes some mastering so practice it without resistance or very little weight until you have the correct form locked down.

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As always, let us know how you’re doing @DanChapmanPT and @WheyheyOfficial ! x


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