HIIT Fix Workout with Dan Chapman: Max Out Body Blast

Afternoon Wheyheyer’s

We’ve got the perfect 10 minute challenge for your Monday, that will get your heart pumping, body blasting and can be done anywhere! There are no excuses for missing Dan Chapman’s HIIT Cluster workout this week.


  • TRX: Indoor anchor point – stair case / outdoor anchor point – over tree branch
  • Dumbbells: 3kg to 10kg (or more!)
  • Skipping rope
  • Gym mat
  • Interval timer

30 second: dumbbell hang clean – squat
30 second: breakdancer pushup
30 second: TRX knee tucks

1 minute: skipping

30 second: dumbbell hang clean – squat
30 second: break dancer pushup
30 second: TRX knee tucks

1 minute: skipping
Repeat HIIT cluster one more time


1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding a pair of dumbbells, arms by your side
2. In one quick movement, bend knees slightly, push up and flick the dumbbells from the relaxed position up to your shoulders and drop into a squat
3. Complete the squat, straighten up and drop arms back down into starting position (step1)

Simplify It
– Follow the same sequence with lighter / no weights


1. Start in a push up position, with your body straight and shoulders directly above hands
2. Perform one push up, then stay in starting position
3. In this position, take one big step forward with your right foot, planting it directly underneath your hips
4. Keeping your right foot in place, swing your left leg through and up high, shifting your bodyweight backwards and supporting yourself with your left arm
5. Reach up with your right hand, to touch your left foot
6. Repeat sequence but with the opposite leg.

Simplify It
– Perform the push up on your knees
– Reach to your toes as much as your body will allow, building confidence and balance


1. Anchor your TRX somewhere secure. Place both feet in the loops so legs are suspended, body is straight and shoulders are directly above hands.
2. Keeping the inner core muscles pulled in tight, drive both knees directly towards your elbows squeezing and contracting your abs all the way through the movement.
3. Reverse the action until you return to the start position
4. Increase the tempo of this movement as you become more confident

Simplify it
– Use a gym ball instead of TRX. Rest lower shins on top of the ball and do exactly the same movements.


Start your week off well with this workout and finish the day with a Wheyhey as the perfect post work out snack!
Keep us updated on your progress @DanChapmanPT and @WheyheyOfficial  


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