HIIT FIX Workout with Dan Chapman: The Body Shocker


The HIIT Cluster Method, or as Dan describes as his evil invention, is a short explosive metabolic workout, ideal for busy people. Over to Dan for his killer workout!

Each HIIT Fix Workout is based on 2 or 3 single, free form exercises, as a combo of both resistance and body weight that are performed back to back, with just enough time to catch your breath and switch exercises every 30 seconds. You can do it wherever and whenever, to inject an adrenaline, fat burning shot into your training!

Aim for maximum output for the duration of the workout, but take time to get used to the moves first. Set yourself a goal, get in the flow, work hard and watch your progress!

Tips for Max Output:

  • Move fast as you can with perfect form
  • Increase resistance of weights weekly
  • Squat deeper
  • Press lower
  • Jump higher
  • Imagine each movement is your last

This weeks HIIT FIX is a 10 minute total body shocker that will explode the fat off you and smash your metabolism through the roof, just using your body weight!

– Step, bench or any target to hop over
– Skipping rope
– Gym mat
– Interval timer

30 second: bench hop – push-up – burpee (combo)
30 second: pop ups
30 second: bench hop – push-up – burpee (combo)
30 second: pop ups
30 second: bench hop – push-up – burpee (combo)
30 second: pop ups
30 second: fast skipping or jog on spot

1min recovery

Repeat HIIT cluster one more time


Aim to do this as one fluid movement!
1. Stand alongside your step, bend knees slightly into a squat then explode up jumping laterally over your target.
2. Land softly in a low squat position then immediately jump your feet backwards, going down into your push-up.
3. Keep your core tight & explosively jump your feet in toward your hands, then spring laterally back up and jump over your target again into a burpee reaching your arms up high, landing the other side of your target.

Simplify It
Perform push-ups on knees, if full push-ups are to hard
Increase rest time and take more breathers


Summon up your inner strength for this one.
1. Kneel on a mat, shoulder width apart with arms by your side and body upright.
2. Explosively swing your arms up as you pop up, landing on both feet at the same time finishing into a squat position – legs at 90 degrees.
3. Go back down to your knees one at a time and repeat the pop up.

Simplify It
This takes both strength coordination and confidence, it’s mega hard so don’t feel defeated if you can’t do it. Simplify by stepping up on alternate feet.


Get working and let us know how you get on @DanChapmanPT and @WheyheyOfficial


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