Interval running program pt2!

Our Wheyhey PT James Potter puts us through our paces with part two of the Interval running program. This week James has focused on speed and power!

This workout is all about maximal power output and training the anaerobic energy pathway (without oxygen). It will tax your power output and ability to sustain a certain level of power and speed.

The work time is relatively short with the emphasis on pushing as hard as you can for short maximal bursts. This workout is best done on a sprint track or outside (if you have a way of measuring a distance). If this is not possible a treadmill will suffice for the 2nd two workouts and you can find a space outside big enough to run hard for around 8-10s for part 2a).

So grab a partner and get sweating out the weekend!

Session 2:

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2a) 10 x 30m sprints
20s REST

2b) 5 x 200m sprints
Aim to hold same speed through all 5 repeats

2c) Sled Pulls or Hill sprints
For the sled: pull 3/4 BW as fast as you can for 60s
Repeat for 5 rounds
For hills: run at a 5-8% incline for 60s
Repeat for 5 rounds


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