Interval running program pt3!

Here is the third and final part of Wheyhey PT James Potters Interval running program. We have worked on your recovery and your maximal power output now it is time to put all of this in practice to succeed at a middle distance run. Grab your trainers and get to it!

Session 3: Improving mid distance running

This program will help improve your middle distance running (1-10k). The intervals are longer in duration with adequate recovery time, however emphasis is on working repeatedly at a speed slightly above what you would maintain for a 5k run. This will help you to gain greater control of pacing yourself if/when you enter a 5-10k race, which in turn will lead to improvements in your running economy. Also in these 1k repeats you will be working around your lactate threshold, so the body will become more efficient at clearing lactate, preventing acidosis and allowing you to sustain a given speed more comfortably.

3a) Run 5 x 1km at 1 kmph faster than your normal 5k pace
Rest 3 minutes between repeats

3b) Run 5 x 500m at 2-3 kmph faster than your normal 5k pace
Rest 2-3 minutes between repeats
Aim to leave at least a day or 2 rest between interval sessions (sandwich with weight sessions if desired) and make time to stretch before (dynamic) and after (static)

We hope to see you soon at your local 5k putting all your hard work into practice!


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