Day 1 round up: Wheyhey in Vilamoura

Many people go away to Vilamoura for sandy beaches, beautiful sunshine, and to relax next to the pool, cocktail in hand with the little straw umbrellas…. not our LL team. Laura and Lottie have just had their first day on the #ReachRetreat, along with 14 other holiday makers, whereby they’ve endured a fitness regime planned by the one and only Rich Tidmarsh, from @reachfitnessgym, and we all know what that means, pushing your body to the max, healthy eating, and some yoga for down time.                                The day started at 12 with everyone arriving for a meeting. This was followed by a very healthy lunch, which was needed for what was to follow. Two hours of burpees and shuttle runs, mobility and activation, and strength training, which didn't do Laura any favours as she suffered a broken shellac..... our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your nail Laura.

The day ended with an amazing yoga session with Elodie, from Moving Dynamics, the highlight of the day. As everyone dragged their pumped, sweaty bodies inside for showers and dinner it was plain to see that this was going to hurt tomorrow. Luckily for team LL and everyone else, Laura managed to smuggle in some wine to help ease the pain of day 1, well-deserved we say!


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