The Wheyhey Fitness Event

Last weekend was pretty action packed here in the HQ as we hosted our first Wheyhey Fitness Event!

Armed with goody bags and Wheyhey ice cream, we teamed up with the Healthy Bloggers Community and opened the doors to a roomful of healthy bloggers!

The day was full of colour (just look at all those leggings!) full of fun and a lot of hungry bloggers to tuck into a Wheyhey or two, after working their socks off with Tanya and Olivia!

First up, Tanya from Insaniacs put us through our paces for a 30 minute explosive workout program. This girl is on fire!!

If you’re looking for something that will really make you work hard and target your whole body, then give this a go! Yes, you will be exhausted by the end, but you’ll feel great for doing it!

After a short breather.. and a natter!.. we were graced with Olivia from Yoga with Olivia, taking the group through a 45 minute Vinyasa yoga flow. You may be thinking, here comes the easy part of the class but don’t be fooled!

This class focuses on the power of your breathing to enable you perform the strong, elegant poses and almost look as graceful as Oliva herself.

If you missed out this time, we will have plenty more to come, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to all those that did come, we hope you enjoyed your healthy treats!

Big love from us all here at Wheyhey


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