Wheyhey High Five Friday

As another Friday comes round, another Wheyhey High Five Friday is on the cards!

Check out James Webster’s progress as he put his body to the test, to get the six pack and beach body he desired! Starting out in 2012, James decided to get serious in the gym and even got a trail session with one of the world’s finest – Olly Foster.

As James says “when you start to see changes it fuels you to want more and more”. In the past three years, James has progressed hugely and we’re all admiring his work here!

He’s not only decreased his body fat from 13.8% to an impressive 5.4% but he has increased his lean muscle mass, built a solid frame he is happy with, hovering around 80kg – his heaviest and leanest to date! – but he is now doing fitness and gym shoots too!

Here’s James top tips:
– You need to really want to change and to make some sacrifices, it really is a lifestyle change
– Diet and Nutrition is key – everyone’s bodies reacts differently but at one point I was eating around 4,500-5,000 calories a day which was tough
– Keep the gym programme fresh and shock your body
– You vs You – you can’t look like someone else. You can have people to look up to but take regular photos, track your progress and be the best YOU can be
– Most importantly and this goes for everyone, enjoy it!

Keep up the fantastic work James

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