Wheyhey Interval running program pt1

Our lovely resident PT James Potter has put together a three part Interval running program! Here is part one to start your Monday off with a bang, the focus is placed on improving your recovery rate. So jump on a treadmill, head to your local track or grab some cones. Good luck and have fun

Session 1: Recovery time

This program works on improving recovery rate. Rest times are manipulated in workout 1a) in line with a decrease in distance. Workout 2a) keeps the distance and rest time constant but requires you to maintain the same speed from the first sprint to the last therefore recovery rates have to be adequate to allow for successful repeats. You may find that the first couple of times you try this you find it difficult to maintain the same speed on each interval but stick with it.

Wheyhey Interval running program pt1

As your recovery rates improve your performance will too. You will notice that in the first two weeks you will rest twice as long as you work for. After two weeks move to resting for the same amount of time as you work for. This will really challenge your aerobic/anaerobic capacity and help to improve your recovery times.

1a) 500m
3 mins
2 mins
1 mins
5 mins
Repeat x 3

5 x 400m
Run maintaining the same speed in each interval
Week 1-2: Rest twice as long as the sprint takes (work:rest 1:2)
Week 3-4: Work: Rest 1:1

Keep your eyes peeled for part two and three of the Interval running program!


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