Wheyhey Workout Tips with Dan Chapman!

For your Monday motivation check in to our weekly Wheyhey blog for top tips from our very own Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Dan Chapman.
He’s here to help bust the myths of exercise, guide us in the right direction for leading a healthy life and provide workouts that can be done in the home, or anywhere you fancy! So no more excuses ladies and gents. First up, Dan sheds a little light on the best time to workout and why.

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People are constantly reading and hearing when the “right” or “wrong” time to workout is and are getting confused with which is the best option. Basically exercising at anytime of the day is beneficial to your health but when it comes to burning fat and losing weight timing is absolutely everything.

My absolute favourite and what I preach daily to my clients is early morning workouts on an empty stomach. This for me hands down is the number one choice if you’re looking to torch fat, increase metabolism and lose weight.

So what’ve you gotta do?
Overnight, glycogen stores have been depleted over night, so a workout in the morning requires your body to use the fat stores as its main energy fuel. It’s a no brainier option for fat loss.

Just remember, your bodies energy levels are a little lower in the early A.M so you could experience some fatigue. This will depend on your choice of exercise. Keep at it, your body will adapt!

If you feel energetic try a 15 min HIIT workout, using intervals of 20 seconds all out hard intensity, with 60 second active, slow pace recovery.. And repeat 10 times.

It can be done using any of these methods, ranging from a watt-bike, treadmill, rower, elliptical trainer, skipping, body weight and even the great outdoors, so give it a go and see how far you can challenge yourself!



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