High Five Friday

This week we’re sending a massive Wheyhey High 5 to Maia Virdee. We met Maia through twitter & have loved hearing about here amazing journey & fantastic mindset. She started her journey just over two years ago & was always into sports and exercise but it would never be a consistent thing. Her weight yo-yo’d and she was never one to believed in any short-term diets (and she still doesn’t).

In her own words: After a huge change in my life personally, and job wise, I woke up one day and seen an unhappy me in the mirror and could see that the lack of activity and they kinds of food I was eating was practically destroying me! That was the day I knew I had to make a change! Now I have improved all my eating habits to healthy balanced meals, and training solidly 6 times a week. weight lifting and including a little cardio!

A year ago I was told I should consider competing in the bikini category and that thought always lingered with me as I didn’t have the confidence to even go ahead with anything like that. January this year, I plucked up the courage and announced I was going to compete! Huge goals to reach! Now, I am also a qualified personal trainer going on to train in being a life coach and to help referral patients. I decided to do this course on the side of my full time job at the time which I left to do something where I knew I was making a difference. I couldn’t sit at a desk anymore and I couldn’t do something I wasn’t truly passionate about anymore. After seeing how I helped myself and how amazing exercise eating healthy improved my quality of life, I want to use my own transformation to inspire others who are lacking confidence within themselves to do the same.

We’ve loved hearing Maia story & her incredible journey so far, & we can’t wheyt to hear how she gets on in her bikini competition. If you want to appear on our blog, send us your story to info@wheyhey.com or tweet them to @wheyheyofficial #WheyheyHigh5 & you could be getting our next Wheyhey High Five


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