July Summer Body Blitz!

It’s Monday, the weather has taken a turn for the worst but it doesn’t mean summer is over! Today we have a workout from our brand new Nutrition and Fitness Coach, Ashton Turner.

Ashton turned his hand to Performance Nutrition after his stint as a semi-professional footballer! He has put together a series of short workouts to kick off your Monday! Good luck

This Quick but deceptively tough workout will have your body burning calories quicker than you can say Wheyhey!

The setup is simple all you need is a timer set to 3 minutes. Within that 3 minutes you have to do as many of the following circuits of exercises. You then rest 1 minute and repeat 5 times. After each 3 min workout try and beat your previous level, keep pushing!


A) Burpees x 6
B) Jumping Lunges x16
C) V-sit x 6

Repeat a-c as many times in 3 minutes / Rest for 1 minute. Repeat x 5


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