Live Outrageously Well with Rob Eades

From Nottingham student to Instagram influencer, we spoke to Rob Eades (@leanstudentchef) about how to stay healthy at university, and his favourite ways to keep fit while having fun.


We all struggle with eating healthily sometimes, and that’s completely okay. When you first start university, you get your first sense of freedom – doing whatever you want, drinking however much you want, and eating rubbish food. For most people, it’s the first time you can go out without having to think about what state you’ll be in when you get home!  But it starts to wear off after a little while – and even if we want to eat a bit better, it can be overwhelming working out where to start.


Rob’s Instagram provides the perfect place to do this. Aimed at students and young people on a budget, he demonstrates how to cook tasty meals, all under £2, so you can spend your money on more fun things – like our ice cream! 🤪


Stir-frys are the ultimate quick, healthy and affordable meal, and he swears by them as his favourite midweek dinner. The last thing most of us what to do is spend all evening in the kitchen – and it only takes 10 minutes to cook this one-pan wonder.


“If you use sesame oil as your base rather than olive oil, and a bit of soy sauce, you can pretty much make anything taste great. Having a few different oils in the cupboard makes it easy to create authentic flavour and they don’t need to be expensive. Plus, with only one pan, this saves on washing up arguments too.”


One of his favourite ways to relax is to get out of London and explore but can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the move. When most people travel, we tend to grab quick snacks from Pret and drink lots of cocktails! But for Rob, it is the ultimate self-care and the perfect time to unwind. So, rather than sacrificing his health, he’s found a solution.


“Bodyweight circuits are the best and easiest way to workout. You can do them anywhere and still focus on specific areas. If you want a full body workout, you can include jump squats, crunches, burpees. But also, if you want to have a lower-body focused session you can add in bridges, lunges, split-squats. It’s great if you want to keep active on the go, but also on a budget – there’s no need to pay for a gym when you can do this in the living room!”


40 seconds on each, 20 seconds, seems easy right? But we tried one of his circuits at home, and it’s not as simple as it sounds.  One minute between circuits for recovery with roughly five sets leaves you feeling like you’ve done a great session and you don’t have to leave the house!


But while keeping fit and eating healthy is important, having fun is too. At Wheyhey, we live life as “Outrageously well” as possible, and this isn’t any different for Rob. Not having a 9-5 job gives him flexibility to fit in travelling, as well as morning gym classes and nights out with friends.


 It seems like the perfect work-life balance, where can we sign up?


Rob has recently produced a charity e-book containing twenty different recipes, with all proceeds donated to “Football Beyond Boarders”. The book is perfect for students and includes pasta dishes, vegan recipes and even a few fakeaways. Costing less than your morning latte, each meal is budget friendly, so your weekend takeaway can get a healthy, cost-effective revamp and taste just as great. Perfect for your weekend hangover!

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