• Why is protein so important?

    Why is protein so important?
    Protein shakes, bars, pots, flapjacks, ice-cream – you name it, they all have “high protein” in huge letters across the front. But what does this really mean, and why is it so important for us to have it in our diet?
  • Wheyhey ice cream truffles

    Wheyhey ice cream truffles
    Happy #humpday people !! To celebrate, lets recreate these OUTRAGEOUS ice cream truffles made by @thelawfoodie, using our very own @wheyheyofficial !! The recipe is super easy, so obviously we’d share it with you (it’s just below Enjoy!! WHEYHEY …
  • High Five Friday

    High Five Friday
    This week we’re sending a massive Wheyhey High 5 to Maia Virdee. We met Maia through twitter & have loved hearing about here amazing journey & fantastic mindset. She started her journey just over two years ago & was always … 
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