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Good morning Wheyheyers & once again we find ourselves on a Friday which can only mean it’s time for another Wheyhey High Five Friday This week we have the lovely Jordan Saunders, so without further delay check out why we’re sending todays High Five out to Jordan

Just over two and half years ago Jordan started lifting weights seriously and for the first time in years she noticed the real change in her body. Suffering from being overweight as a teen then experiencing an eating disorder later on in her teens, in her own words “I can finally say I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been”. She has always been into fitness as she was a competitive swimmer from a young age and had the discipline for 20 hours plus training a week and 5am starts, but nutrition was her main problem and her relationship with food was unhealthy, from over indulging to eating next to nothing.

When speaking with Jordan she told us the following. “I have always struggled with weight, and admired the fitness models, I would of never imagined being where I am now, and I have to thank my business partner, my soul mate, my fiancé Ray Bath, the other half of our fitness brand BodyByJR. We met at the gym (ironically), and he got me lifting heavy, cutting down the cardio, and eating more… yes more food and more carbs! I went to University and have a Bsc Hons Sports Science degree, so I am knowledgeable of nutrition and training but didn’t believe my body could achieve these results as I have always struggled and never been the prettiest or the fittest!

In June 2014, we both decided to enter Miami Pro UK championships in October 2014, it was our biggest challenge yet as we both struggled with body image from a young age. We prepped each other for four months and I lost two stone! I was in my best shape ever and people were asking me for help that I hadn’t heard from for years! I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was me. Ray came 5th in the UK Fitness Model Over 75kgs. We then had November and December off competition, and got engaged Xmas eve in Mexico which was magical! January 2015, we decided to prep again for the World Championships Miami Pro April 2015, where I came to stage in better condition and came 6th Bikini Model and 7th Fitness Model. Again I couldn’t believe the stage pictures were me!

They key to our success is each other, we have so much passion for the industry, prep together and compete together. Our personal training business provides weekly bootcamps, 1-2-1 and group personal training which includes personalised meal and training plans at Ripped Gym Basildon. We also offer online services and have over 30 online clients and see over 60 1-2-1 clients per week between us. our services work very closely with the client, an open door policy, and our aim is to help others improve their lifestyles for the better, just like we did, and I work very closely with females that experience the same past as I did and am proud to say many are on the road to full recovery.

Nowdays, lifting heavy weights, eating more food and going self employed launching BodyByJR was the best decision I ever made with Ray. We are planning to continue our offseason for the rest of the year and compete again next April so prep will start Jan 1st 2016! People do not understand the work that goes into competing, make sure you have a positive circle around you and have 110% dedication for it. You have more low days than highs – There is no magic pill. Set yourself a realistic time frame, hire a very good coach, invest in Tupperware and have the discipline to prepare your meals – and that’s not just for competitive athletes, that’s for anyone that wants to achieve results! Finding the right balance is key to a healthy lifestyle. As a personal trainer it is my job to motivate people, and now when clients say to me that I inspire them, it is priceless.

It’s safe to say we’re massively proud of Jordan here at Wheyhey & it’s been a pleasure to get to know her. These are the stories we all love hearing, so if you want to feature as one of our High Five Friday, give us a shout on social media of email us at info@wheyhey.com To find out more about Jordan check out all her social spaces here:

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