What gets Wheyhey on the move?

We thought it was time that you guys got to know a little bit about the team at Wheyhey, so what better cause than Movember. We may be a small team we are but we are driven by a great product and work hard to keep you all happy!

“It is the perfect opportunity to grab some down time”

“Moving is the perfect way to clear my mind after a busy day and get some clarity for the next day”


“I like to exercise as it helps me to wake up in the morning whilst also helping to maintain a positive mental attitude”

“Moving to me is the perfect opportunity to listen to my music, which is often banished from the office… apparently Justin Bieber isn’t cool!”

“Dem Gainz”

“It’s a huge stress reliever, a great way to meet new people and a way of balancing my huge appetite!”

“It’s all about challenging myself, starting the day with a challenge leaves me feeling like I can conquer the day”

Exclusively, throughout Movember we will be using the hashtag #refuelyourmove, so why not tweet to us @wheyheyofficial


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