10 Easy Wheys To Stay A Little Healthier

So this week is #NationalBreakfastWeek which has inspired us here at Wheyhey to show you some of the wheys you can stay a little healthier. We’ll be showing you all some amazing wheys you can enjoy ice cream for breakfast later this week, but for now we’d thought we’d just give you some of our great daily tips.

So here are 10 easy wheys to help you stay nice & healthy through these chilly months

1) Start the day with a healthy breakfast full of protein. Protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer & will also give you that spring in your step for the day ahead.

2) Try getting your gym session done before work. Starting the day a bit earlier means you can get your gym session done early & will also help you to feel energised for the day ahead.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to try a new recipes. We can all be guilty of sticking to our favourite foods, so try something a bit different & you never know you may surprise yourself.

4) Stop buying salad dressings & try making them yourself. Making your own salad dressing will taste much better & will also be much healthier than many store brought options.

5) Say no to sugar. Have a look at what is actually in whatever you’re eating, you’ll often be pretty shocked

6) Take the stairs. Even if it’s only the one flight, every little helps.

7) Try something new at the gym. We’ve all found ourselves stuck in a routine, try something new. It could be a new class, machine or even just order of doing things.

8) Eat earlier. We often find ourselves eating dinner whey too late, eating dinner that bit earlier will help digestion as well as allow you to fall asleep easier.

9) Take some time for yourself. We can all be guilty of not finding times for ourselves, try & find just 10 minutes a day to relax & take a breath. Meditation & yoga can be great & also help to replenish the mind, body & soul

10) Have fun. Don’t let life get too serious, if you can make eating & living a healthy life fun then it becomes no work at all. Finding joy in your everyday routines makes it all that much easier, nobody likes getting up early in the morning, but if you know you’re getting up for something fun it definitely helps.

If you’ve got any great tips you’d like to share with us, let us know & get in contact though any of our social media platforms @wheyheyofficial As always sending massive amounts of love out to our Wheyhey family & keep those eyes peeled for another blog coming your whey very soon

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