Freshers First Steps No 2.

So, congratulations freshers you’ve made it through boot-camp, also known as freshers week. I hope you’re all sat around watching Netflix with your new-found friends, huddled under a duvet with a pounding headache. To those of you had a two-week fresher’s, we salute you.

The first stages are done; you know your way around and have followed more people on Instagram than you can remember. Now it’s time to get involved in university life. First year for plenty of people doesn’t count towards anything, so finding the motivation to do anything other than go out can be hard, however this is a great opportunity to involve yourself in societies and get settled. This first term is when trials are going on for sports teams and societies are starting initiations, something you want to get out of the way.

Lecture leaders no longer have any sympathy for you, those lovely introductory lectures where you can sit back and fall asleep to the sound of the lecturer introducing themselves and all the industry experience they have, and/or reading exerts from their published books, they are a thing of the past.

Now you have your friend circles you will have more confidence when going out. This means that themed nights are going to become your favourite night, whether that’s dressing in as little as possible for toga night, or soaking yourself in fake blood on The Walking Dead night. Go all out and embrace the fancy dress, everyone seems to have more confidence wearing costumes, kind of like superheroes, but only with the ability to see off 10 shots of tequila within 10 seconds rather than flying.

This is Jake’s freshers first steps, keep up the hard work freshers, or not….

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