High Five Friday

It’s Friday which is fast becoming our favourite day of the week for more reasons than just the weekend. We now look forward to every Friday as we get to tell everyone about someone that we’ve met who has inspired us with an amazing story. So without further ado this week we’re sending a massive High 5 to Dan Piper

Dans was diagnosed with variant Diabetes otherwise known as type 1.5 in early 2012. It was at this point that Dan decided to take matters into his own hands & starting taking care of his own body through eating healthy, exercising regularly & managing stress. This is where he discovered his real passion for living a healthy lifestyle. He kept up this amazing work for 3 years & then was unfortunately struck down by illness again. It was at this point that despite the hard work Dan had to return to using insulin.

Since then Dan has been smashing every aspect of his life & keeping up all of this amazing work. He’s working on his blog and training to become a diabetic peer supporter. As he says “I want to help as many people on their journey as I can so they can manage their condition and be ok. I’m training to become a qualified performance nutritionist on one of the best courses available. I want to get more information into the NHS so newly diagnosed diabetics have good, solid information on what to do when they first start out. I want to raise awareness for this condition as much as possible. I want to show as many people as possible how to have a healthy life and how to manage their condition.”

Dan has not only inspired us but clearly also a lot of people around him. To say we’re proud of Dan here at Wheyhey HQ would be an understatement, as after hearing his story we know that not everything comes easy & it’s his hard work & determination that has got him to where he is today. So this Friday we’re sending out a massive High 5 to you Dan keep up all of the awesome work & have a great day

To read more about Dans story check out the links below.

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