How to stay healthy at work!


We all know how difficult it is to say no to that chocolate cake or that biscuit and sugary cup of tea. Our first top tip to a healthier lifestyle whilst working is BALANCE.

We are no angels but here are our top tips on how to balance work and health:



The best way to beat those unhealthy cravings is to eat regularly. We are all busy and it can be hard to fit in regular meals. Start your day right with a protein packed breakfast. We all know It’s the most important meal of the day. Get whisking those eggs, piling on that Greek Yogurt or dig into a pot of Wheyhey ice cream (Perfect excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast).

At the Wheyhey office we tend to get the biggest cravings at 10 am and 3pm. So load your bag full of low sugar, high protein snacks!



We believe going cold turkey is not the way forward. Give into what you love now and then, however we recommend pre buying your guilty pleasures. If you love chocolate and crisps, bring a small pack to work or weigh out your snacks beforehand, helps to stop that 3pm chocolate run..



It’s all about meal prep these days. We are a big fan of leftovers! Make extra dinner the night before and you are totally sorted for lunch the next day. This not only saves you time but gives you a bit of extra spending money, to go wild at the weekend. Wheyheyy!!



Being a protein ice cream company, we are not short of protein. Protein is a vital part of our everyday diets, as it not only reduces cravings but also keeps us fuller for longer. Remember protein is in so many of our foods, so make the right choices and go for the protein enriched foods rather than reaching for a sandwich or pasta option, in no time you will definitely feel a difference.



This may seem obvious, but so many of us forget to drink enough water. It can be hard to keep on track of your water intake, and see coffee and tea as enough to hydrate us throughout the day..BUT NO!! Our top tip is to buy a litre bottle of water and to keep it close by. This will not only reduce cravings, but water also reduces headaches and gives you more energy. Seems like it’s worth a shot right? This will also change the way you work and make your overall working experience more enjoyable.



Takes lots of breaks.. Yes you heard that right. It is good to get up and leave your desk and have a little walk around the office, even for just a minute or two. If there is a question you need to ask a colleague, don’t just email them, maybe try walking over and talking face to face. This in itself can be enough to reduce fatigue and keep production levels up. It is also important to keep your body moving and refresh your mind.



Calling all coffee lovers, maybe try a decaffeinated coffee now and then, or generally try to reduce your caffeine intake. Believe it or not caffeine can give you less energy and make you feel more tired!! Say whattt?? If you consume lots of caffeine during the day this can reduce your quality of sleep. It all goes hand in hand really, if you sleep better you are in a better mood at work. Sound perfect right?



It can be hard to fit in exercise around a busy work week, however studies have proven that exercise can give you energy for the whole day.. better than any caffeinated drink. Although getting up extra early can be a difficult challenge for the majority of us, we recommend trying to get up at least twice a week to pop over to the gym before work. The Wheyhey team are often known to arrive at work in our gym gear after a sweaty workout, however we all say how much better we feel for doing so.



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