My Freshers First Steps.

Being the youngest of the group here at Wheyhey it is no surprise that my memory of freshers serves me better than anyone else…..sorry team! However, this does give me the chance to relive parts of those crazy first two weeks, or at least the parts I can remember. I went to UEA in the medieval city of Norwich, it’s on that bit of England that juts out in the East and has one main road in and out.

Freshers was a courageous attempt by everyone to make as many friends as they can, whilst trying to neck more VKs than the next person (Sorry parents, it’s the truth). But among the intoxicated comradery there was more to this traditional coming together of ‘likeminded individuals’ than rush hour traffic, lit up only by the blue and red signs on top of the cars which were delivering the best of Italian cuisine (along with some chicken kickers and wings).

The events that are put on during the day are great for getting used to where you’re supposed to go when lectures start, try your hardest to go to them, even when not at your best. I don’t know about other universities but at UEA there seemed to be a society for every interest you could think of; from Harry Potter look-a-likes riding on their brooms playing quidditch, to your traditional sports like rugby, football and lacrosse, over to those which were a bit vaguer in their definition, such as the ‘don’t be a wasteman’ society, which to this day I’m not too sure on their positioning and activity base. Whatever your interest there will be others which share it to some extent, even if you’re a lone wolf, you can make one yourself and become a true leader of your new following.

Freshers week/ two weeks (depending on how lucky you are) is a time not comparable to any before, being in the same boat as everyone else means you’ll meet lots of people, the excitement of what is to come for all is the adrenaline that keeps you running night after night, and the friends you make are ones you keep year after year. Embrace everything freshers, be open to people, take advantage of the early entry and discounted dominos, and be friends with your housemates, you’ll have them for the year!




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