Wheyhey Breakfast Club!

Wednesday morning was set out to be a good one knowing that Keith Goddard was going to be busy in the kitchen making us numerous breakfast dishes featuring our little tubs of Wheyhey.

Greg and Damien kicked things off with a quick introduction of Wheyhey and their story, with the help from Wheyhey nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert guests were shown how to make the best out of their breakfast, by packing it with nutrients to start their day the right whey.

As it was 8am, eyes were tired and stomachs empty so Keith soon unveiled his selection of sugar free dishes, ranging from an easy on-the-go option to a more difficult combination. Recognising that sometimes people just need that quick fix en route to work, as well as those wanting to spend more time enjoying the experience at the weekend.

Rather than just eating, Keith and a colleague demonstrated how easy it was to create the dishes. Soon enough, all guests were involved and able to re-create the tasty recipes for them selves.

It’s so important to incorporate protein into breakfast to keep the body feeling energised and fuller for longer. Each tub of Wheyhey contains 20 grams of protein, which guarantees to provide fuel to last throughout the morning whilst satisfying your taste buds.

Keep an eye open for all of Keith’s breakfast creations, as they’ll be posted soon!


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