• Wheyhey & Chocolate Protein Crispies

    Wheyhey & Chocolate Protein Crispies
    Why not add a little something to your favourite Wheyhey ice cream with these chocolate protein crispies. They’re a great addition to any wheyhey dish and that extra crunch will leave you wanting more and more! This is a simple …
  • Wheyhey and Protein Brownie Layer Cakes

    Wheyhey and Protein Brownie Layer Cakes
    With the weekend upon us, there is nothing more we fancy than creating an indulgent little treat. These Protein Brownie’s sandwiched together with a Wheyhey makes for the perfect dessert, that won’t wreck the diet. They taste incredible and will …
  • Peanut Butter Cookie & Wheyhey Sandwich

    Peanut Butter Cookie & Wheyhey Sandwich
    Today is one of our favourite days, it is National Peanut Butter Day! An ingredient, a Wheyhey lover knows too well, that goes perfectly with our ice cream. In order to celebrate this tasty day we’ve got a great clean …
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