• The Ultimate Wheyhey & Nuts’N’More Ice Cream Sandwich

    The Ultimate Wheyhey & Nuts’N’More Ice Cream Sandwich
    It’s been a couple weeks of amazing weather, & we’ve been having a think on what are the best wheys to stay cool & #BeatTheHeat. So when our good friend Jess Du Jour sent us this ice cream sandwich, we … 
  • Wheyhey Gluten Free High Protein Strawberry Eclair

    You know what time it is, it’s Wheyhey Wednesday time & that means we’ve got another epic recipe for you all Wheyheyers to enjoy. This week we’ve got a game changing 100% gluten free high protein strawberry eclair & safe …
  • Wheyhey Peach & Watermelon Bowl

    Wheyhey Peach & Watermelon Bowl
    Good morning Wheyheyers Today we’ve got a treat for you all that is perfectly matched to this phenomenal weather & is going to make the summer ahead even more delicious. A simply yet eye catching dish that is made to …
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