• Protein packed wheyhey fruit bowl!

    Protein packed wheyhey fruit bowl!
    “Eat your greens”, “get in your five pieces of fruit a day”, “have protein with every meal”, and “too much sugar will rot your teeth”. Healthy living is easy when you stick to what your mommy told you. When you’re … 
  • Melt-in-the-Middle Protein Pancakes

    Melt-in-the-Middle Protein Pancakes
      Unless you’ve been taking up residence under a rock somewhere, you probably noticed the worldwide obsession with protein pancakes. In recent times, pancakes have gone from sugary indulgence to healthy mainstay. We can thank the pioneer who first whisked … 
  • Whey Protein Ice Cream Eton Mess Recipe!

    Eton mess is one of the most loved British desserts. The traditional Eton Mess recipe combines crushed meringue, double whipped cream, caster sugar, puréed strawberries and chopped berries. Together this creates a delicious blend of textures that lends itself to … 
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