Wheyhey Banoffee Split!!

Struggling to find a clean dessert? Well, look no further… @charlottes_fitnessgram has whipped up this OUTRAGEOUS Wheyhey Banoffee Split! It is easy peasy to make and the recipe is just below!



Serves 1

1 Banana
1 tub of @wheyheyofficial Banoffee Ice Cream
A handful of fresh berries
A handful of granola
A handful of White chocolate chips
Walden’s Farm zero calorie maple syrup (for drizzling)


1. Slice the banana in half and griddle with @lucybeecoconut oil
2. Add the Wheyhey Banoffee Ice Cream
3. Scatter the fresh berries, granola and white chocolate chips
4. Finally, drizzle a generous amount of the Walden’s Farm maple syrup and enjoy!!


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