Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream Chia Pudding!

Struggling to find some motivation this morning? Well look no further as we may have the solution for all of you!! Check out what @eatnourishlove has created – talk about #breakfastgoals or what?!?!

This may be a masterpiece but it is super easy to recreate and the recipe is just below! Enjoy

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream Chia Pudding:


1 tub Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream
1 sachet of Vanilla missfitsnutrition
1 Loveraw ‘Energise’ organic food booster
1/4 cup chopped soft dates
1tbsp Cinnamon
200ml Rude Health milk


1. Pop all ingredients into the blender

2.  You could drink it like this or pour into a pan with 1tbsp Raw Health organic chia seeds & cook for about 5 mins & leave in the fridge overnight!


@eatnourishlove has used Banana, @squirrelsisters Cacao brownie chunks, @good4unutrition coconut bites & @wholeplus hazelnut chocolate topper!


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