Wheyhey Chocolate Mint Pudding

A simple yet delicious recipe for all your chocolate lovers out there! This is definitely one way we like to satisfy our chocolate cravings, whilst keeping it healthy and packed with protein.

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream
1 serving (2 scoops) Muscle Mousse Chocolate Mint
Sugar free chocolate sauce (optional for topping)
Dark chocolate drops (optional for topping)


1. Remove the Wheyhey from the freezer, until it is soft enough to stir
2. Line a small bowl with cling film.
3. Prepare 1 serving of Muscle Mousse and stir gently into the Wheyhey. Swirl the two together rather than mix them – don’t worry if there are lumps of ice cream.
4. Tip into the cling film lined bowl and freeze overnight.
5. Turn the ice cream mousse cake out onto a plate, remove the cling film, add your toppings & enjoy immediately!

Show us what else you like to mix with a Wheyhey? We love trying out your combinations too @Protein_Chef and @WheyheyOfficial 


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