• Wheyhey Gluten Free Affogatos

    Wheyhey Gluten Free Affogatos
    We have to commend the Italians and their way with food. They are the true masters of simplicity. While the rest of the world is getting hung up on adding new and unusual toppings to pizza and stuffing the crusts with barbecue sauce, the Italians keep it simple with tomato and cheese. 
  • Gluten Free Avocado Key Lime Pie

    Gluten Free Avocado Key Lime Pie
    Key Lime Pie is one of those desserts that you might have heard of but, for our UK audience especially, mightn't have had the pleasure of tasting. Just like Boston cream pie and pumpkin pie, key lime pie is an American favourite that has only slowly been adopted this side of the Atlantic.
  • Wheyhey Minimalistic Gluten Free Pancakes

    Wheyhey Minimalistic Gluten Free Pancakes
      Something you may know about us here at Wheyhey is that we love pancakes. To us they signify all that we love about the fun-loving, healthy lifestyle that we are passionate about. Pancakes can be made with uber-healthy ingredients and still feel like a treat. A health consciously made pancake retains all the benefits of eating right while having the added excitement of...
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