A Wheyhey workout to put you through your paces!

Fancy a workout that targets both the upper and lower body, challenges the core as well as being very metabolically demanding? Our Wheyhey fitness expert James is here to put you through your paces!

Barbell Thruster:
The daddy of whole body exercises! It requires you to perform a front squat into an overhead press. It’s tough on the quads, core, shoulders and triceps and when performed for high reps or as part of a circuit it’s very tough cardio wise as well.

I love rowing. In my opinion it is the best piece of cardio equipment to include in a whole body workout routine, as it is equally demanding on both your muscular endurance and your cardiovascular endurance. To row well you must be powerful and have an engine to match!

KB Swing (Overhead):
the Russian swing involves finishing with the KB at chest height whereas the version I use (American) finishes with the KB overhead and is a lot tougher. The swing really taxes the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, lower back) as well as your shoulders and your grip strength.

Burpee Pull-Up:
Everyone loves a burpee!… But this version involves a chest to floor Burpee Jumping straight into a wide grip pull up. Whole body athletic training at its finest!

TRX Atomic Press-Up:
With the feet in a TRX you are performing a press up into a Jackknife. This move is great to spice up a boring core routine or if you are short on time bringing your chest and core workout together. You can always switch the Jacknife for a Pike or alternate rep after rep to really hit the core from all angles.

Barbell 1-Arm Press into Landmine:
This move is a great way to build upper body power and core strength at the same time. Particularly useful for boxers or rugby players this move is very sports specific and is a great way to build an athletic and functional physique.

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ve got an example routine for you to download soon!


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