Wheyhey are a team of British and Irish, healthy treat pioneers committed to changing the face of food without compromising on either health or taste. Our business started in 2013 in a flat in Brixton after we had become increasingly frustrated by friends and family digging into so called ‘healthy snacks’ that were secretly extremely high in sugar. We decided to venture into the snacking market ourselves to try and make a difference. Out of this mission, Wheyhey was born.

At Wheyhey, we don’t believe in compromise. We believe in living life to the full and living life well...outrageously well. Whether you’re a busy mum, a commuter, a 6am gym-goer or a sweet-toothed craver, we want to help you make the most of everyday.

That’s why we create outrageously good treats that taste amazing and are good for you. They’re naturally low in sugar and high in protein because we use Whey Protein, the goodness found in the best bit of milk. We ensure that all our ingredients come from trusted sources. Especially our milk. Our milk comes from happy, grass fed cows cared for by farmers we trust. No compromise there.

From humble beginnings where many evenings were spent hand stickering ice cream pots and many days were spent selling ice cream door to door, Wheyhey has continued to grow year on year into a serious contender on the snacking scene. Jump forward to 2018 and we have a rapidly expanding team and are experiencing phenomenal growth. We’ve also gained a bit of a reputation for ourselves along the way including being named ‘Virgin Pioneers’, winning ‘Start-Up of the Year’ and being named as a ‘Trail Blazer Brand’ by Food Vision and The Unilever Foundry.

Not bad for a team that started off in a flat in Brixton with an ice cream maker off ebay.


At Wheyhey we care about what goes into our products because we care about you. We care about your bodies and want to fuel you up with the best possible ingredients so that you can live your life outrageously well. That’s why all our products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, nutritionally awesome, taste amazing but just as importantly, our packaging is informative. In a world dominated by fake health claims and misleading information, we think it is really important to be transparent about everything that goes into our products and what makes them good for you. Plus that we’re actually really proud of the ingredients that we use and their quality, especially our British milk from happy grass fed cows.

What elevates our products head and shoulders above the competition is that all of our products are naturally low in sugar or sugar free. Not only does this mean that there’s ‘no-added sugar’ in our products, (we’d consider this a fundamental!), it means that our products are certified as being either sugar free or low in sugar. This is all thanks to our innovative recipe that uses Whey Protein. Whey Protein is the best bit of milk- the part that’s naturally packed full of nutrients and high in protein. This makes all our products certified ‘high protein’ products too, so they keep you full up for longer and fuel you to live life to the full.

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