• Protein Powered Beach Rugby

    Protein Powered Beach Rugby
    Wheyhey takes to the beach…well sort of. We actually set up camp in Canary Wharf alongside a ‘pop up’ beach and tonnes and tonnes of sand!! Armed with our VW campervan, blazing hot sunshine, sand between our feet and freezers …  
  • Wheyhey Making Waves

    Wheyhey Making Waves
    Surf’s Up – Ice cream, Rip Curls and plenty of Boardies! So after pining for some real beach action following London Beach Rugby, we decided to head down to Cornwall, the mecca of UK surfing, for a week of waves …
  • Wheyhey and the Beast, Spartan Race Style

    Wheyhey and the Beast, Spartan Race Style
    If the name doesn’t give it away, the final 2014 Spartan Race was to be braved by only those who believed they were tough enough for The Beast mud course! This was by far the hardest and most challenging of …
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