Wheyhey Chocolate Green Smoothie

This week, Teddy & Alex have created a storm in the kitchen, with this green smoothie, keeping it clean, with a chocolatey twist!

It’s so simple to make and tastes even more delicious than it looks (if that’s even possible!)

1 ½ frozen banana
1 cup of fresh spinach
½ an avocado
½ cup of skim milk
3 tbs of cocoa powder
1 small tub of chocolate WheyHey

Mango cubes
Chia seeds
Chopped Walnuts
Chopped 85% chocolate

1. Blend all the smoothie ingredients together in a blender.
2. Serve the smoothie in a bowl.
3. Top with your favorite toppings.
4. Enjoy.


Have a great weekend and don’t forget to let us know how your smoothies go!

Big Love, the Wheyhey Team!

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