Moni has done it yet again! Take a good look at your next stack of pancakes… time to get flipping! Ingredients For the pancakes: 1/3 cup rolled oats 2tbsp flour (I used buckwheat flour) 2tbsp cacao powder 1 mashed banana … 
  • Best stretches for the ‘Desk Athlete’

    Best stretches for the ‘Desk Athlete’
    As you look around the office you can be sure that most people sitting at their desk have or will hit the gym before or after work a couple of times that week, if not more. With all of us …
  • Wheyhey Berry Crumble

    Wheyhey Berry Crumble
    As the weather is beginning to change and Summer is on the out, Teddy and Alex have combined some summer berries, oats and of course Wheyhey to make the perfect combo! Here, we have their healthy crumble, that will warm …
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