January Survival

Some of you may be aware that we have just survived ‘Blue monday’ a name derived for the 18th of January which is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. Wah wahhh. Don’t panic we have some great tips to help turn those frowns upside down and make 2016 your best year yet!

With only 5 days left of this heinous month, over here at Wheyhey HQ we thought we’d put together some emergency survival tips to keep you feeling positive happy and healthy! You can make it guys!

Tip 1 – Laughter! After the christmas season looking down can be no laughing matter. It’s thought that laughing intensely for an hour can burn as many calories as lifting weight for 30 minutes! So get a classic friends box set out and get giggling – just think how much damage an entire season could do.

Tip 2 – Frisbee. With this cold front FINALLY moving on get yourself outside! Take your dog or a group of friends and get frisbeeing. Just 30 mins spent throwing, catching or epically failing can burn nearly 100 calories.

Tip 3 – Backward Running. This one comes with health and safety cautions. The better and arguably more cooler name for this is ‘Retro running’. Give the neighbours something to talk about and hit the streets only backward. it’s been noted that 100 steps backwards is the same as 1000 steps forward. As your running backwards you will need to be far more alert in how you navigate yourself. One things for sure, your trip to the corner shop will never quite look the same again.

Tip 4 – Twerking. This is a great one for if you’ve had a crappy day and you need to cheer yourself up, just pop on the thong song and get twerking. We recommend a firm stable surface and a strong supporting wall. Not only will you look great doing it but it’s great for toning your core, glutes, hips and thigh muscles. It’s also meant to improve lower body flexibility which is always great for showing off a party trick.

Tip 5 – Bokwa. An unusual and relatively unknown form of exercise but one of the most effective and fun. Bokwa involves using your feet to draw letters or numbers while doing cardio to music. Whilst helping to strengthen your twinkle toes it also combines forms of Kickboxing, African dance, Light boxing and Capoeira. It’s great for toning those lower body muscles and can also burn up to 1,200 calories.

Tip 6 – Cycle Karaoke. This last tip is for those who are unafraid of public opinion or for any who have a bike at home. If you love singing and cycling this is a right treat for you. The basics of this is that your singing will be a reflection of your heart rate. For every perfect note you sing you need to cycle harder. You should be well and truly panting by the time you reach the end of your rendition of Celine Dion ‘my heart will go on’. Singings also been proven to boost energy levels which improves motivation levels and stamina. Spin certainly is about to get a whole lot more interesting.


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