Wheyhey gets ready for the Big Screen at Odeon

It’s nearly the weekend and we’ve got an extra special something to make your Friday night one to remember, here at Wheyhey!

There’s only one place you need to be this weekend and a very important question to ask yourself..

1. Find your nearest Odeon cinema
2. What flavour Wheyhey do you fancy?

If the clues haven’t given it away yet, we’re here to break the news..
Our wonderful Wheyhey pots have landed in Odeon Cinemas!!

With the launch of The Avengers movie, grab your superhero ice cream, sit back in your seat and enjoy a protein packed punch from us!

We know there is only place you’ll be heading and we will see you there!

We’re not available in all Odeon cinemas yet so fear not if your local screen doesn’t have it as we’re working on getting out to every location soon!

So all that’s left is to pick a film, pick a flavour and tuck into one of our delicious tubs!

Have a great weekend, big love x


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