• 5 ways to live your best life, without even trying!

    5 ways to live your best life, without even trying!
    We know times are hectic and it’s hard for people to actively find time to feel better and make healthier choices, but some actions can easily fit into your normal busy schedule! Here are 5 simple ways to be healthier and to feel better without even trying too hard! 1) Get off the bus/train a stop early and walk the last bit home. You’ll...
  • Join the team!

    Join the team!
    Do you feel a pang of envy when you see the fun we have in the Wheyhey office? Would you like to be a part of that fun? Today's your lucky day - we are looking for new members to join our crew for the summer! We are looking for: - Two motivated and enthusiastic field sales people  You'll be a self starter and...
  • Freshers First Steps No 2.

    Freshers First Steps No 2.
    So, congratulations freshers you’ve made it through boot-camp, also known as freshers week. I hope you’re all sat around watching Netflix with your new-found friends, huddled under a duvet with a pounding headache. To those of you had a two-week fresher’s, we salute you. The first stages are done; you know your way around and have followed more people on Instagram than you can...
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